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ReadIt is an Android application that allows users to view the latest books and keep up to date about literary releases through notifications on their devices.

My Master's Thesis in Mobile Computer Science Master consist on an application for Android as well as its backend to receive notifications each time a new book is released. In addition, you can see the full catalog, and notifications are adapted for android wear.

This project is an entirely feasible to be transformed, with small functional  increases in a mobile store because it just needs the payment gateway, and the subject can be changed: from the proposed books, through mobile phone or any other kind of product or service.

The mobile application is designed to be simple and effective. Android OS 2.3 or higher is required. It has a modern interface, based on the new Google design standard, material design.

The server is hosted on a hosting and built with PHP and using a MySQL database as storage. This web application consists of two parts: the backend as the API of the application that provides the necessary information, and a web application content management, through which you can add books (sending notification corresponding to application users), edit and delete existing books and most interesting: sending customizable notifications: you can generate notifications that contain a URL to visit a website, or even a message to be displayed on devices .

This project has been a challenge when working with Google Cloud Messaging. I was very interested in having an example working perfectly with almost instant communication server - Application.

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