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This tiny app shows you a list of aplications installed on your device.
App purpose: a quick and simple way to uninstall them. Only you have to click them.
Also you can see more info about the app if you keep pushing on it.

✔ Without ads
✔ Uninstall system and preinstalled apps in Advanced mode (Rooted device needed)

Uninstall what app you want in Advanced mode.
Your phone must be rooted and busybox installed.
Be carefull: if you uninstall an essential app, maybe your device stop working correctly.

How it works?
You can uninstall the system app you want. The program will remove both: app and data.
Also it will create a folder named AppManager on your SD Card or External Storage and a backup of the removed app inside this folder, in case an important application is deleted.
It is highly recommended that you reboot your phone and wipe Dalvik cache after uninstalling a system app.
If you are sure that removing this app is not going to stop working your phone, you can remove the backup.

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